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Dec. 26 - What is the Deal with Winter Weather? - Jan A. Larson
             - Overrated Economics - Tom Adkins, American Daily
             - Another Day, Another Manufactured Crisis - John Hood, The Conservative Voice
             - Fat People, Pot, Steroids, and other Federal Matters - Ryan Walsh, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Secret Santa - Deroy Murdock, National Review
Dec. 19 - What is the Deal with Baseball? - Jan A. Larson
             - FDR Is Dead - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
             - Tax Simplification Now - Bipartisan Solution Possible - Merrrill Bender, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Goodbye Christmas? - Charles Krauthammer, TownHall.com
             - Green bigots international - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Dec. 12 - What is the Deal with People Offended by Christmas? - Jan A. Larson
             - Tort Reform Would Be A Great New Year’s Resolution - Nathan Tabor, American Daily
             - Applying A False History Will Create A Deformed Future - Joe Bell, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Blue America: The land of the easily offended - Dennis Prager, TownHall.com
             - Get Out Of The UN, Start Over - Paul M. Weyrich, Washington Dispatch
Dec.   5 - What is the Deal with Tax Reform? - Jan A. Larson
             - Thank You, South Dakota  - Charles Cole, American Daily
             - Congress Should Read Bills Before Voting - Radley Balko, FOX News
             - No heroes? - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - What the Left needs to understand about the Right - JB Williams, NewsBull
Nov. 28 - What is the Deal with Black Friday? - Jan A. Larson
             - A Workable Alternative to Term Limits - Terry Mitchell, OpinionEditorials.com
             - When He Wins, He Loses - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
             - A taxing experience - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - Illegal Immigration Undermines America’s Future - Nathan Tabor, Washington Dispatch
Nov. 21 - What is the Deal with Giving Thanks? - Jan A. Larson
             - The Apathy of Americas YouthsScott Gray, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Smoggy Statistics - Steven Milloy, FOX News
             - Is Wal-Mart good for America? - Bruce Bartlett, TownHall.com
             - Economic lunacy - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
Nov. 14 - What is the Deal with Post-Election Analysis? - Jan A. Larson
             - Hollywood brought Kerry down - Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, NewsBull
             - Two Americas - Peter J. Wallison, National Review
             - Nothing Secure About Social Security - Dave Warner, Washington Dispatch
             - The myth of the bigoted Christian redneck - Charles Krauthammer, TownHall.com
Nov.  7 - What is the Deal with Election Winners and Losers? - Jan A. Larson
             - What Have the Democrats Learned? - Barbara J. Stock, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Capitalism Beats Socialism, Once Again - Tom Nugent, National Review
             - The Best Senate Minority Leader - Bruce Walker, American Daily
             - On uniting, healing and mandates - David Limbaugh, TownHall.com
Oct. 31 - What is the Deal with Election Fraud? - Jan A. Larson
             - John Kerry: The Scott Peterson of Politics - Frank Salvato, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Monday-Morning Quarterback - Matthew Berke, National Review
             - Kerry’s Cruel Promises - J. Edward Carter, National Review
             - On the dismaying egregiousness of John Kerry - Ross Mackenzie, TownHall.com
Oct. 24 - What is the Deal with Incumbents? - Jan A. Larson
             - A War We Didn't Ask For - Susan Harrison, OpinionEditorials.com
             - 'Plans' versus realities - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - The FDA Makes You Sick - Rich Lowry, National Review
             - Political demagoguery - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
Oct. 17 - What is the Deal with Oliver Douglas? - Jan A. Larson
             - John Kerry’s Hypocritical Global Test - Frank Salvato, OpinionEditorials.com
             - John Kerry's Cops And Robbers - Doug Patton, American Daily
             - Nobody's perfect - Paul Jacob, TownHall.com
             - Would Kerry buy poor people guns? - Terence Jeffrey, TownHall.com
Oct. 10 - What is the Deal with Hindsight? - Jan A. Larson
             - Intelligence Vs. Wisdom - Jeremy Torgerson, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Bush, Kerry and the Environment - Steven Milloy, FoxNews
             - Responsible voting - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - Pseudo leadership and black groupthink - Armstrong Williams, TownHall.com
Oct.   3 - What is the Deal with Substance versus Style? - Jan A. Larson
             - Putting Kerry to His “Global Test” - Larry Kudlow, National Review
             - How Much Would Kerry Raise Taxes? - Brian Riedl, Weekly Standard
             - Takes One to Know One - Stephen F. Hayes, Weekly Standard
             - Drabble's drivel and sinking Europe - Mona Charen, TownHall.com
Sep. 26 - What is the Deal with Ignorant Voters? - Jan A. Larson
             - Kerry’s Failure - Gordon Bloyer, American Daily
             - Disgraceful  - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
             - Time for Change at the United Nations - Randall H. Nunn, OpinionEditorials.com
             - A blank resume - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Sep. 19 - What is the Deal with Flip Flopping? - Jan A. Larson
             - Bush/Cheney, Kerry/Edwards: They Could Not Be More Different
                      -  Joe Bell, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Health Care, Canadian Style - Sally C. Pipes, FOX News
             - My Economic Manifesto to a Liberal Editor -  Robert E. Meyer, OpinionEditorials.com
             - The bizarre candidacy of John Kerry - David Limbaugh, TownHall.com
Sep. 12 - What is the Deal with ESPN? - Jan A. Larson
             - A matter of life and death - Linda Chavez, TownHall.com
             - Bypassing the Wait - Michael Cannon, National Review
             - Kerry’s Secret Economic Plan - J. Edward Carter, National Review
             - Income inequality - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
Sep.   5 - What is the Deal with the Kerry Campaign? - Jan A. Larson
             - Free Speech Takes A Holiday - Steve Lilienthal, TownHall.com
             - If Kerry Can’t Handle The “Swiftees,” How’s He
                        Going To Handle The Terrorists? - Debbie Daniel, American Daily
             - Mad About Fox  - Jonathan V. Last, Weekly Standard
             - Bush's Economic Advantage  - Irwin M. Stelzer, OpinionEditorials.com
Aug. 29 - What is the Deal with Blind Partisanship? - Jan A. Larson
             - Pesky Citizens Will Not Shut Up! - Gary Aldrich, TownHall.com
             - Kerry’s Real Problem… - JB Williams, NewsBull
             - Imagine receiving 100% of your paycheck! - Neal Boortz, TownHall.com
             - Miserable Lives - Karl Weinberg, OpinionEditorials.com
Aug. 22 - What is the Deal with Kerry's War Service - Jan A. Larson
             - Liberal Lies, CBO Truths - Donald Luskin, National Review
             - A Call For Common Sense  - Cheryl K. Chumley, American Daily
             - Energy Independence? Kerry's Dreaming - Jerry Taylor, NewsBull
             - Freeing Speech -  Dan Abbett, OpinionEditorials.com
Aug. 15 - What is the Deal with Math and Taxes? - Jan A. Larson
             - Power versus knowledge - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - Kerry Sues Vietnam Vets Over His ‘Bogus’ Medals  - Gordon Bishop, American Daily
             - Economics 101 - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
             - Kerry’s Energy Agenda - Cesar V. Conda, National Review
Aug.  8 - What is the Deal with Terror Alerts? - Jan A. Larson
             - A Return to Childhood - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
             - Liberalism is a Psychology - Eric Alan Beltt, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Conservatives, liberals and blacks - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
             - Did Bush Lie? - Dennis Campbell, Washington Dispatch
Aug.  1  - What is the Deal with Political Rhetoric? - Jan A. Larson
             - The Threat We Couldn't Ignore - Jack Spencer and Olivia Albrecht, FOX News
             - The Trojan Horse Of Political Correctness - Nancy Salvato, American Daily
             - The cat is out of the bag - Linda Chavez, TownHall.com
             - Bush & Blacks: Asking The Right Questions - Jerry Brooks, Washington Dispatch
July 25 - What is the Deal with Safety? - Jan A. Larson
             - Kerry's Deficit Woes - Lawrence Kudlow, New York Post
             - An Alliance of Evil:  Saddam and bin Laden - David M. Huntwork, Guest Columnist
             - Free health care - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
             - NAACP: A New Definition Of Black Sheep - Jerry Brooks, OpinionEditorials.com
July 18  - What is the Deal with Caryn Elaine Johnson? - Jan A. Larson
              - Additional Views - Stephen F. Hayes, Weekly Standard
              - In The Eye of the Beholder - Dan Abbett, OpinionEditorials.com
              - What would Kerry do? - Mona Charen, TownHall.com
              - Communism… Alive And Well? - JB Williams, American Daily
July 11  - What is the Deal with Kerry and the Catholic Church? - Jan A. Larson
              - John Kerry Cannot Win - Frank Salvato, Washington Dispatch
              - It Is Time To Leave The Hapless U.N. - Dave Gibson, American Daily
              - Malign Condescension - or Benign Neglect? - Jonah Goldberg, TownHall.com
              - School's Out...The Union Should Be, Too  - Chuck Muth, American Daily
July   4  - What is the Deal with Freedom - Jan A. Larson
              - Minimum wage realities - Bruce Bartlett, TownHall.com
              - Post-Modern Terrorism - Dr. Earl Tilford, American Daily
              - Celebrating Independence - Roger Pilon, National Review
              - Impeach The Media! - Debbie Daniel, American Daily
June 27 - What is the Deal with Al Gore? - Jan A. Larson
              - Coconuts in Wyoming? - Steven Milloy, Fox News
              - For The Record, Liars Tell Lies…  - JB Williams, American Daily
              - Now I’ve Heard Everything - Jerry Brooks , Washington Dispatch
              - America, Are You Angry Yet? - Barbara J. Stock, OpinionEditorials.com
June 20 - What is the Deal with Kerry and Economics? - Jan A. Larson
              - Gas and Gripes: What Price Self-Restraint?
                        - Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq., Washington Dispatch
              - ACLU's war against the poor - Star Parker, TownHall.com
              - Who’s Afraid of the U.S.A. - Rich Tucker, TownHall.com
              - Kerry’s Alternative Economic Universe - Robert Moran, National Review
June 13 - What is the Deal with Ted Rall? - Jan A. Larson
              - The John Kerry You Need To Know! - JB Williams, American Daily
              - Bill Cosby's words enrage, but also enlighten - Star Parker, TownHall.com
              - A little business sense - Paul Jacob, TownHall.com
              - Tax Cut Opponents Who Prefer Spending Instead - Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, Fox News
June  6  - What is the Deal with Change? - Jan A. Larson
              - Budget Busters - John J. Miller, National Review
              - Standard Complaint - Roger Clegg, National Review
              - Zero-tolerance --- zero-thought - Neal Boortz, TownHall.com
              - Separating Tax Facts From Tax Fiction - Gail Buckner, Fox News
May 30 - What is the Deal with the Class of 2004? - Jan A. Larson
              - A pattern of opportunism - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
              - The Big Education Sell Out - Armstrong Williams, TownHall.com
              - Productivity and the Ice Man: Understanding Outsourcing
                      -Anthony B. Bradley, OpinionEditorials.com
              - The Irony Of Brown V. Board Of Education - La Shawn Barber, American Daily
May 23 - What is the Deal with Kansas Tuition?  - Jan A. Larson
              - Utah's Cannon Firing on his Own People - Frosty Wooldridge, Washington Dispatch
              - The gaseous John Kerry - Rich Lowry, TownHall.com
              - The inherent failures of Liberalism - V. Detlef von Eck, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Fighting For Our Lives - Alan Caruba, American Daily
May 16 - What is the Deal with Network Television? - Jan A. Larson
              - Comparative Barbarism - James S. Robbins, National Review
              - Phony Outrage On The Left - Chris Adamo, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Road Rage - Thomas Lindaman, American Daily
              - Our Distraction Will Be Our Destruction - Debbie Daniel, American Daily
May  9  - What is the Deal with the Illogical Left? - Jan A. Larson
              - How Close Is This Race, Really? - JB Williams, American Daily
              - The 'cost' of medical care - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
              - Why Growth Will Never Stop - Martin Kelly, Washington Dispatch
              - Pharmaceutical firms latest to learn that no good deed goes unpunished
                      - Doug Bandow, TownHall.com
May  2  - What is the Deal with U. S. Soldiers? - Jan A. Larson
              - Social Security Time Bomb, and the Candidates Aren't Talking
                     - Michael Tanner, FOX News
              - Entitlement Mentality Misguides America -  Joe Bell, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Tax Cuts for Everyone - Michael P. Tremoglie, Washington Dispatch
              - Poor education prognosis - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
Apr. 25  - What is the Deal with Fads? - Jan A. Larson
              - Pork as policy, turkeys as congressmen - Paul Jacob, TownHall.com
              - Tear Down this Wall - Ryan J. Walsh, OpinionEditorials.com
              - FDR: Great President Or Socialist Disaster? - Warner Todd Huston, American Daily
              - Myths about Jobs and Outsourcing
                        - Tim Kane, Brett Schaefer and Alison Fraser, Heritage Foundation
Apr. 18  - What is the Deal with Criticism? - Jan A. Larson
              - Newsweek Misses Tax Freedom Day - Jay Bryant, TownHall.com
              - Don't Like the Temperature of the Pool? Do Something About It!
                       - Kerry L.Marsala, OpinionEditorials.com
              - The liberals who cried 'didn't do enough!' - Michelle Malkin, TownHall.com
              - Posturing While America Burns - Judson Cox, Washington Dispatch
Apr. 11  - What is the Deal with Jobs? - Jan A. Larson
              -  Kerry isn't as ignorant on economic matters as he sounds....
                              - Neal Boortz, TownHall.com
              -  Enough Whining About Iraq Already! - JB Williams, American Daily
              -  A bill full of pork - Robert Novak, TownHall.com
              -  Dam Pols - Peter Van Doren & Jerry Taylor, National Review
Apr.   4  - What is the Deal with Outsourcing? - Jan A. Larson
              - John Kerry is No Hero (To Me) - Scott B. Kelly, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Solving Jobs through Personal Responsibility - Andy Obermann, Washington Dispatch
              - Kerry's plan - Bruce Bartlett, TownHall.com
              - A More Perfect Union - Mark Mix, National Review
Mar. 28 - What is the Deal with the 9/11 Commission? - Jan A. Larson
              - Outsourcing foreign policy - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
              - Property Rights Form Foundation of Freedom - Radley Balko, FOX News
              - Keeping outsourcing in perspective - Bruce Bartlett, TownHall.com
              - Kerry's clever tax cut - Larry Kudlow, National Review
Mar. 21 - What is the Deal with War on Terrorism? - Jan A. Larson
              - Rotten Europe - David Warren, DavidWarrenOnline
              - Cut the Talk — and the Spending - Veronique de Rugy, National Review
              - American Addictions - Mitchell Brooks, Washington Dispatch
              - On flattering minorities - Jeff Jacoby, TownHall.com
Mar. 14
- What is the Deal with the FCC? - Jan A. Larson
              - Educational ineptitude - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
              - Why They Throw Rocks - William S. Lind, Washington Dispatch
              - Social Security Reform Can No Longer Be IgnoredMichael Tanner, FOX News
              - Godzilla And Tax Returns - Larry Simoneaux, American Daily
Mar.  7 - What is the Deal with the 9-11 Families? - Jan A. Larson
             - The Real Two AmericasHugh Hewitt, The Weekly Standard
             - The Nightmare Of Universal Health Care - Scott Shore, American Daily
             - Old is New Again: The Election-Year Outsourcing Debate
                      -  Kevin Schmiesing, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Greenspan speaking the unspeakable - Alan Reynolds, TownHall.com
Feb. 29 - What is the Deal with Gasoline Prices? - Jan A. Larson
             - Fear-mongering over fact - Larry Kudlow, TownHall.com
             - Taxing Liberal Logic - JB Williams, American Daily
             - Paige Was Only Telling The Truth - Frank Salvato, Washington Dispatch
             - Random thoughts - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Feb. 22 - What is the Deal with Income Taxes? - Jan A. Larson
             -  The equality dogma - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             -  Properly Understanding Separation Of Church And State
                       - Robert E. Meyer, American Daily
             -  The reality of outsourcing - Bruce Bartlett, TownHall.com
             -  Labor Unions: Tools of a Lost EraJ. J. Miran, OpinionEditorials.com
Feb. 15 - What is the Deal with Gay Marriage? - Jan A. Larson
             - To tell the truth - Rich Tucker, TownHall.com
             - What Black History Month Means To Me - La Shawn Barber, American Daily
             - A Dozen Reasons Why I'm a Conservative - Edward L. Daley, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Liberals in a Parallel Universe - Chris Adamo, OpinionEditorials.com
Feb.   8 - What is the Deal with Teaching Segregation?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Multicultural Marketing - Margaret L. Snyder, American Daily
             - The Medicare monstrosity - Rich Lowry, TownHall.com
             - The Imminence Myth  - Stephen F. Hayes, The Weekly Standard
             - Musty old lies about income inequality - Alan Reynolds, TownHall.com
Feb.   1 - What is the Deal with the Democratic Primaries? - Jan A. Larson
             - Lies, Myths and Downright Stupidity - John Stossel, 20/20 (ABC News)
             - Sweatshop exploitation - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
             - I'm Not StupidGary L. Wasson, OpinionEditorials.com
             - What David Kay really said - Charles Krauthammer, TownHall.com
Jan. 25 - What is the Deal with a Race-Based Award? - Jan A. Larson
             - The appearance of corruption - Paul Jacob, TownHall.com
             - If You Feed Them, They Will Come - Debbie Daniel, Washington Dispatch
             - No Class in Class Warfare - Neil Cavuto, Fox News
             - Stretching the poor - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Jan. 18 - What is the Deal with Nebraska?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Afflicted by comfort - George Will, TownHall.com
             - Want to Limit Lobbying?  Cut Government - Daniel J. Mitchell, FOX News
             - Bush's Gorbachevism - John O'Sullivan, National Review
             - 'Bush lied' and the lying liars who perpetuate it
                   - Jonah Goldberg, TownHall.com
Jan. 11 - What is the Deal with Pete Rose? - Jan A. Larson
             - Dean in Denial - Rich Lowry, National Review
             - Confronting Judicial Tyranny - Seth Pease, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Black Leaders Turn King's 'Dream' Into A Nightmare
                     - Jerry Brooks, Washington Dispatch
             - College Diversity: Fix the Pipeline First
                     - Jay P. Greene and Greg Forster, Washington Post
Jan.   4 - What is the Deal with Predicting 2004? - Jan A. Larson
             - Taxing Foreign Investors Would Damage Home Economy
                     - Ed Feulner, Fox News
             - A Call for Intelligent Profiling - Daniel Pipes, American Daily
             - Spectator Punditry - Geoff Metcalf, Washington Dispatch
             - Lessons Learned - Clifford D. May, TownHall.com