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Dec. 29 - What is the deal with Human Cloning? - Jan A. Larson
              - U.S. gets better at being cranky - Deborah Sharp, USA Today
              - Junk Science Oscars  - Steven Milloy, FOX News
              - 'Affirmative Action' Revisited - Larry Elder, TownHall.com
              - Good old Confederate Byrd  - R. Emmett Tyrrell, TownHall.com
Dec. 22 - What is the deal with Title IX? - Jan A. Larson
              - The problem with the left - Paul Greenberg, TownHall.com
              - The pre-emptive war goes Hollywood  - Diana West, TownHall.com
              - Truth and Opportunism - Dave Kopel, National Review
              - Trent Lott, Bill Clinton and career politicians  - Dennis Prager, TownHall.com
Dec. 15 - What is the deal with Trent Lott? - Jan A. Larson
              - Affirmative Action Insults Immigrant Contributions - Wendy McElroy, FOX News
              - Protest Augusta?  Why not Sudan  - Diana West, TownHall.com
              - How to Ruin American Enterprise - Benjamin J. Stein, Forbes (via Yahoo Finance)
              - Saddam Hussein's rope-a-dope strategy  - Cal Thomas, TownHall.com
              - If Congress does nothing, taxes will rise  - Bruce Bartlett, TownHall.com
Dec.   8 - What is the deal with the Holiday Season? - Jan A. Larson
              - White Guilt' and Affirmative Action - Suzanne Fields, TownHall.com
              - Of Pork and Patronage - Katherine Mangu-Ward, The Weekly Standard
              - The Lighter Side of Spam - Tim Ward, "The Online Jester"
              - Disastrous Utopia - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Dec.   1 - What is the deal with UN Inspections? - Jan A. Larson
              - Born Losers - R. Emmett Tyrrell, TownHall.com
              - The Blame Game - Barry Maher
              - "Eeeny, meeny, miney" is no more in U. City - Michele Munz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Nov. 24 - What is the deal with Journalists? - Jan A. Larson
              - What could go wrong in a war with Iraq - Steve Chapman, TownHall.com
              - Your retirement - Full of Golden Years or Golden Arches? - Daniel Lamaute
              - Americans enjoy more freedom today than ever - Jonah Goldberg, TownHall.com
Nov. 17 - What is the deal with Xenotransplantation? - Jan A. Larson
              - A San Francisco Liberal - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
              - The Seriousness Gap - Frank Cannon & Chuck Donovan, The Weekly Standard
Nov. 10 - What is the deal with Election Day? - Jan A. Larson
              - Equal Access Does Not Guarantee Equal Outcome - Wendy McElroy, FOX News
Nov.  3  - What is the deal with Halloween? - Jan A. Larson
              - An Open Letter to the Sniper - Melvin Durai
              - Saddam's shop of horrors - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Oct. 27  - What is the deal with the minimum wage? - Jan A. Larson
              - How bad could the war really be? - The Paranoid Pessimist
Oct. 20  - What is the deal with Martha Burk? - Jan A. Larson
              - The 15 Most Powerful Words & Phrases to Apply on Your Resume. - Anthony Ranieri
              - Will war with Iraq bring more terror home? - Julie Hull
              - Purging the Political Correctness Within. - Wendy McElroy, FOX News
Oct. 13  - What is the deal with the city of Chicago? - Jan A. Larson
Oct.  5   - What is the deal with Iraq? - Jan A. Larson
Sep. 28  - What is the deal with Tom Daschle?  - Jan A. Larson