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" ... creating an environment in which fans may enjoy the display of competitive eating skill."
Junk Science

Global warming, DDT, radiation and other "conventional wisdom" myths debunked.
Ironic Times
"Expect the Ironic"
Where's George?
Find out where your money goes.  Really.
Check out that email story before you send it to 300 of your closest friends or your boss..
The Onion

America's Finest News SourceTM (Not intended for readers under 18 years of age.)
The Oracle of Bacon Find any actor's "Bacon Number"
The Oracle of Baseball
Similar to the Oracle of Bacon for baseball players.
TV Guide
Life is short, watch more TV.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
Everything you ever wanted to know about the movies and television.
Time and Date

Everything you ever want to know about time and dates.