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Dec. 28 - What is the Deal with Prohibiting Religion?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Amending an Amendment - Rich Tucker, TownHall.com
             - Halliburton's "Gouging": What Really Happened - Byron York, National Review
             - Democracy in Iraq: We need to be patient - Zev Chafets, New York Daily News
             - Profit without honor: Part III - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Dec. 21 - What is the Deal with Politics?  - Jan A. Larson
             - The Right to Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes - Paul Jacob, TownHall.com
             - The Conservative Cookie Rebellion - Wendy McElroy, FOX News
             - Captive Audience - Rand H. Fishbein, National Review
             - Getting back our liberties - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
Dec. 14 - What is the Deal with Rasheed Wallace?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Natural Selection and Culture - Judson Cox, Washington Dispatch
             - Iraqing Their Brains - Michael Kinsley, Slate
             - Congress vs. Responsibility - Peter Van Doren & Jerry Taylor, National Review
             - Let's do some detective work - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
Dec.  7  - What is the Deal with Slopping Hogs?  - Jan A. Larson
             - What Does Dean Have To Hide? - Frank Salvato, Washington Dispatch
             - The Liberal Hangover - Adam Wolfson, National Review
             - Kennedy's Crimes Against Fact - Jonathan H. Adler, National Review
             - Medicare fraud: Reforming our way to bankruptcy
                            - Jacob Sullum, TownHall.com
Nov. 30 - What is the Deal with MBAs?  - Jan A. Larson
              - Soaring indicators - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
              - Fiction to Fact - Jim Copland, National Review
              - Jobs come and go - Walter E. Williams, TownHall.com
              - Make the kids pay? - Alan Reynolds, TownHall.com
Nov. 23 - What is the Deal with Jacko?  - Jan A. Larson
              - Introducing the GOP - Chad Allen, Washington Dispatch
              - Is It Time For a New New Deal? - Jim Powell, FOX News
              - The Medicare Hunt: A 28-hour turkey season
                        - Andrew Grossman, TownHall.com
              - Letters about medical care - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Nov. 16 - What is the Deal with Remembering JFK?  - Jan A. Larson
              - Falsities on the Senate Floor - Sen. John Cornyn, National Review
              - Talk to the Hand (That Feeds You)  - A. M. Siriano, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Rooney Toons - Ed Morrow, National Review
              - Free-lunch medicine - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Nov.  9 - What is the Deal with Voyager I?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Economics of the Oil Alternatives - Sallie Baliunas, WorldAndI.com
             - Hacks of Baghdad  - Steven Vincent, National Review
             - The Death of Spin - Hugh Hewitt, The Weekly Standard
             - 'Living wage' kills jobs - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Nov.  2 - What is the Deal with the Iraqi Citizens?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Do You Really Want Universal Healthcare?
                       - Dr. Ronald Gleason, Ph.D, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Life on the Old Plantation  - La Shawn Barber, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Memo to Rumsfeld - Andrew Apostolou, National Review
             - Saddam responsible for WMD confusion - Jonah Goldberg, TownHall.com
Oct. 26 - What is the Deal with Capitalism?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Killing the Good Samaritan - Wendy McElroy, FOX News
             - Senatorial Skullduggery In The Judicial Committee
                      -Frank Salvato, Washington Dispatch
             - Canada's Drug Mythology - Sally C. Pipes, National Review
             - The most important book of the year - Mona Charen, TownHall.com
Oct. 19 - What is the Deal with 10-10-987?  - Jan A. Larson
             - I was wrong! - Ken Joseph Jr., TownHall.com
             - Iraq Needs Capitalism, Not Foreign Aid - Stephen Moore, National Review
             - The Welfare State - Wayne H. Pilcher, OpinionEditorials.com
             - The war against success - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Oct. 12 - What is the Deal with Democrats and Economics?  - Jan A. Larson
             - Let's stop coddling illegal aliens - Bill O'Reilly, New York Daily News
             - Hollings Retirement a Big Win for Liberty - Radley Balko, FOX News
             - Just a Half Order of Constitution, I'm Dieting
                      -Jan Ireland, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Leaving black kids behind - Rich Lowry, TownHall.com
Oct.   5 - What is the Deal with Statutes of Limitation? - Jan A. Larson
             - Media reporting from Iraq is one-sided and flawed - John Leo, TownHall.com
             - That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles - Jerry Brooks, Washington Dispatch
             - Call to Duty - Mike Burleson, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Is it permissible? - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
Sept. 28 - What is the Deal with a Caucasian Club?  - Jan A. Larson
              - From Partisanship to Pathology - Charles Krauthammer, TownHall.com
              - Are People too Stupid to Cast Their Own Votes?  An Ugly Argument!
                       - Bill Platt, the Phantom Writers
              - Eliminating Groupthink - Sean Turner, Washington Dispatch
              - It's the winter solstice, Charlie Brown! - Ann Coulter, TownHall.com
Sept. 21 - What is the Deal with Boorish Behavior?  - Jan A. Larson
              - At the trough - Mona Charen, TownHall.com
              - Purveyors of Race  - James J. D'Elia, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Demystify It:  How to defeat suicide terrorism - Adam Wolfson, National Review
              - Al Sharpton has a point, sort of - David Limbaugh, TownHall.com
Sept. 14 - What is the Deal with Remembering September 11?  - Jan A. Larson
              - So, Tell Me About "Change" Again ... - Frank Salvato, Washington Dispatch
              - Intellectual Laziness:  The Hallmark of Modern Liberalism
                         - Eric Alan Beltt, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Report: School lessons unfair to America, leave out positives
                         - wire report, USA Today
              - The six most important lessons from Sept. 11 - Ben Shapiro, TownHall.com
Sept.  7 - What is the Deal with 20 Game Losers? - Jan A. Larson
             - Socialism kills - Dennis Prager, TownHall.com
             - Disaster and You - John R. Averyt, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Democratic Racism - Robert Alt, National Review
             - Watch out, Mr. President - Neil Cavuto, TownHall.com
Aug. 31 - What is the Deal with God and the Government? - Jan A. Larson
             - Race-Based Policies Raise Fraud Concerns - Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, FOX News
             - Global warming smear targets - David R. Legates, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Liberal Elites Defile King's Dream - LaShawn Barber, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Eliminating Smoldering Coals - Gordon Cucullu, FOX News
Aug. 24 - What is the Deal with the Thin Gray Line? - Jan A. Larson
             - The 14 Truths You Must Know When You Invest - Stephen Schurr, TheStreet.com
             - This Could Cost You an Arm and a Leg - Beverly B. Nuckols, MD, Washington Dispatch
             - Health Care Reactionaries - Emmett Tyrrell, TownHall.com
             - Still Afraid Of The Dark - Bob Parks, Washington Dispatch
Aug. 17 - What is the Deal with Time and Space? - Jan A. Larson
             - What makes a liberal? - Dennis Prager, TownHall.com
             - Getting Saddam - Amir Taheri, National Review
             - "Blackouts" Today, "Greenouts" Tomorrow: America Needs a Pro-Production Energy Policy
                            - Amy Ridenour, TownHall.com
             -  Irrational Rationalizations - Paul Walfield, OpinionEditorials.com
Aug. 10 - What is the Deal with Iron Mike? - Jan A. Larson
              - I want a new drug - Rich Tucker, TownHall.com
              - It's Not Easy Being a Liberal - Greg Lewis, Washington Dispatch
              - WTC Air Pollution Study Exposed - Steven Milloy, FOX News
              -  The Democrats Economic Lie - Gary L. Wasson, OpinionEditorials.com
Aug.   3  - What is the Deal with a Gay High School? - Jan A. Larson
              -  House Majority Leader Tom Delay talks race - Armstrong Williams, TownHall.com
              -  President of Florida - Jan Ireland, Washington Dispatch
              -  Global Warming Not a WMD - Steven Milloy, FOX News
              -  Thoughts on Democrats and Blacks - Margaret L. Snyder, OpinionEditorials.com
July  27 - What is the Deal with Post-War Iraq? - Jan A. Larson
              - Shut Up, Charlie  - Cathryn Crawford, Washington Dispatch
              - The Brevity of America's Evils - Warren Seago, OpinionEditorials.com
              - The deficit distraction - Alan Reynolds, TownHall.com
              - Building wealth - Bruce Bartlett, TownHall.com
July  20 - What is the Deal with Hunting Naked Women? - Jan A. Larson
              - Self Destructing Traitorcrats  - John R. Averyt, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Official English Legislation: Myths and Realities
                       - Mauro E. Mujica, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Who's Rich? - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
              - The NAACP has lost its vision - Linda Chavez, TownHall.com
July  13 - What is the Deal with Malpractice Reform? - Jan A. Larson
              - Media ignorance  - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
              - Civil Rights II - Bob Parks, Washington Dispatch
              - What We Do Know in Iraq - Andrew E. Busch, Ashbrook Center
              - Don't like the tax cut, don't keep it! - Neil Cavuto, TownHall.com
July   6  - What is the Deal with Thinking? - Jan A. Larson
              - Liberal damage to black American is enormous
                      - Dennis Prager, TownHall.com
              - Chante And The Press: Business As Usual - Bob Parks, Washington Dispatch
              - A Poison Pill - Tom Miller, National Review
              - Does Grutter Mandate Diversity? - David Householder, Washington Dispatch
June 29 - What is the Deal with Affirmative Action? - Jan A. Larson
              - Why I love affirmative action - Ben Shapiro, TownHall.com
              - Why Liberals Think Conservatives Are Stoopid
                      - Keith Burgess-Jackson, Tech Central Station
              - Murder at the Supreme Court - Ward Connerly, National Review
              - The new decade of greed - Rich Lowry, TownHall.com
June 22 - What is the Deal with Student Suicide? - Jan A. Larson
              - The Medicare Drug Bill: An Impending Disaster for all Americans
                        - Stuart M. Butler, Ph.D., The Heritage Foundation
              - The Need for Regime Change in Black America - Kevin Martin, OpinionEditorials.com
              - Perfect Profile - Roger Clegg, National Review
              - Balancing the Books - Edwin J. Feulner, TownHall.com
June 15 - What is the Deal with Tuition Breaks for Illegals? - Jan A. Larson
              - Whom do you trust? - David Limbaugh, TownHall.com
              - The Presidency About Nothing - John Derbyshire, National Review
              - Living Hillary ... For Free - Bob Parks, Washington Dispatch
              - Is your weight the government's business? - Jacob Sullum, TownHall.com
June  8 - What is the Deal with Flag Burning? - Jan A. Larson
             - White guilt, black exploitation - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
             - A New Class of Slave - The Rich - Peter and Helen Evans, Washington Dispatch
             - The End of History - Fred Kaplan, Slate
             - Hooray -- budget cuts and no tax increases - Bill Murchison, TownHall.com
June  1 - What is the Deal with Masked Drivers? - Jan A. Larson
             - The 1st Amendment, Dissent, Treason etc. - Paul Walfeld, OpinionEditorials.com
             - Diversity Means ... Segregation? - Garth Eisenbeis, Washington Dispatch
             - The Sum of Two Evils - Brian Bennett and Michael Weisskopf, Time
             - Memo to Supreme Court: Be brave - Mona Charen, TownHall.com
May 25 - What is the Deal with Tax Cuts? - Jan A. Larson
              - End of the Line - John Derbyshire, National Review
              - Bush's Tax Dictate - Robert Novak, Washington Dispatch
              - Weak Link on the Left - Larry Kudlow, National Review
              - Dopey ideas and expressions - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
May 18 - What is the Deal with All-White Proms? - Jan A. Larson
              - No Big Difference - Charley Reese
              - Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party - Robert Curtis, OpinionEditorials.com
              - A Wall Street/Washington Disconnect - Larry Kudlow, National Review
              - Prescription for less wealth - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
May 11 - What is the Deal with Coaches? - Jan A. Larson
              - France must answer for shameful conduct - Mort Zuckerman, New York Daily News
              - Gephardt's Elephant - Robert Novak, Washington Dispatch
              - Chemical Plant Insecurity - Steven Milloy, FOX News
              - The morality of markets - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
May  4 - What is the deal with Pork? - Jan A. Larson
             - Work pays! - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - Hillary Becomes A Revisionist ... Again - Frank Salvato, Washington Dispatch
             - Stay.  What Iraqis really want from the coalition - Adnan Hussein, National Review
             - Economic stupidity - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
Apr. 27 - What is the deal with Ideology? - Jan A. Larson
             - No pain, no gain? - Bill O'Reilly, TownHall.com
             - Black Liberals: You Can't Have It Both Ways - Jerry Brooks, Washington Dispatch
             - Be Careful What You Wish For - Paul Walfield, Washington Dispatch
             - From whence comes income? - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
Apr. 20 - What is the deal with Political Dissent? - Jan A. Larson
             - A Modest Proposal:  How to Offset More than Half of the President's Tax Cut
                  - Brian Riedl, The Heritage Foundation
             - Leftist War Predictions Revisit - Uriah Kriegel, Washington Dispatch
             - Streamlined by Sturdy - Larry Kudlow, National Review
             - Liberalism:  the democrat's noose - David Limbaugh, TownHall.com
Apr. 13 - What is the deal with Income Taxes? - Jan A. Larson
             - The Supreme Court And Affirmative Action:  What the Media Left Out
                  - Bob Parks, Washington Dispatch
             - A Tale of Two Nancys - Katherine Mangu-Ward, The Weekly Standard
             - The Shock of Truth Is Blowing Minds - Patrick Rooney, Washington Dispatch
             - Hand-out city - Debra Saunders, TownHall.com
Apr.   6 - What is the deal with Iraqi Trash Talk? - Jan A. Larson
             - Seven Truths - Perceiving this War Differently - Robert Elias Najemy
             - Arab media focus on another side of conflict - Ellen Hale, USA Today
             - Iraq's only the start - Syria & Iran are next - Zev Chafets, New York Daily News
             - Our brave women - Mona Charen, TownHall.com
Mar. 30 - What is the deal with War Protesters? - Jan A. Larson
              - Yes, you're entitled to your uninformed opinion - Bill O'Reilly, TownHall.com
              - Future of Global Governance - Helen and Peter Evans, Washington Dispatch
              - A Butcher, Indeed - David Skinner, The Weekly Standard
              - Be careful what you ask for - Aaron Schavey, TownHall.com
Mar. 23 - What is the deal with Televised War Coverage? - Jan A. Larson
              - Why We Must Fight - and Now! - William J. Bennett, TownHall.com
              - Mistakes paved way to this day - Stanley Crouch, New York Daily News
              - The Democrats' War - Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review
              - What would the victims of 9/11 want? - Maggie Gallagher, TownHall.com
Mar. 16 - What is the deal with the United Nations? - Jan A. Larson
              - Appeasers are blind to Saddam's threat - John Leo, New York Daily News
              - U.S. out of U.N. now? - Cal Thomas, TownHall.com
              - TSA: Taxpayer-soaking agency - Michelle Malkin, TownHall.com
              - Stardumb:  Whoopie Goldberg - David Skinner, The Weekly Standard
Mar.  9 - What is the deal with President Bush? - Jan A. Larson
             - 'Diversity' for thee, not me - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - The Peacenik Top 10 - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
             - Wall Street's latest tax dodge - Daniel Gross, Slate
             - Iraq: The Truth, The Whole Truth - Pravda
Mar.  2 -
What is the deal with Toni Smith? - Jan A. Larson
             - Who Wins Without War? - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
             - Cautious Hillary Plays Both Sides in War Game - Deborah Orin, New York Post
             - Twin disasters - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - The Ugly Canadian - June Thomas, Slate
Feb. 23 - What is the deal with Uncles? - Jan A. Larson
             - Illegal Aliens Eligible for Social Security Benefits - Matt Hayes, FOX News
             - The bipartisan Congressional money tree - Cal Thomas, TownHall.com
             - For Liberals, It's Morning in America - Marc Fisher, Slate
             - The perils of legislating in the dark - Jacob Sullum, TownHall.com
Feb. 16 - What is the deal with the Anti-war Advocates? - Jan A. Larson
             - Filibustered. Pirating the Senate - Brant Goldstein, Slate
             - Are You Against Diversity? - Roger Clegg, National Review
             - Get It Done. - Jed Babbin, National Review
             - Random Thoughts - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Feb.  9  -
What is the deal with France? - Jan A. Larson
             - Affirmative action or racism II - Walter Williams, TownHall.com
             - Doom, Doom, and More Doom - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
             - Anti-war argument based on emotions, not facts - Jonah Goldberg, TownHall.com
             - Tax-cut backers offer critics 'reality check' - Art Moore, WorldNetDaily
Feb.  2  - What is the deal with the State of the Union? - Jan A. Larson
             - There Ought Not to Be a Law - Wendy McElroy, Fox News
             - Tom Daschle's "Leave No Bureaucracy Behind" Stimulus Plan - Wendell Cox, National Review
             - Mandela's Contribution - William F. Buckley Jr., National Review
             - A Cold Shower - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
Jan. 26 - What is the deal with Drunk Drivers and Cell Phones? - Jan A. Larson
             - Stay the Course on Disarming Iraq - James A. Phillips, The Heritage Foundation
             - The revive-the-draft movement has history against it - David Greenberg, Slate
             - The state of the borders 2003 - Michelle Malkin, TownHall.com
             - Democrats don't have the constitution for racial equality - Ann Coulter, TownHall.com
Jan. 19 - What is the deal with the University of Michigan? - Jan A. Larson
             - Economics vs. Politics - Thomas Sowell, TownHall.com
             - Sheryl Crow, brain-dead peacenik in sequins - Andrew Sullivan, Salon.com
             - Race card has run its course - John Leo, New York Daily News
             - Down with the Peace Movement - Adam G. Mersereau, National Review
Jan. 12 - What is the deal with Tax Relief? - Jan A. Larson
             - Shame of the South - Ken Adelman, FOX News
             - Prevention and Pre-Emption. When is starting a war not aggression? - Christopher Hitchens, Slate
             - Beyond Belief - Steven Milloy, FOX News
             - Saddam's Idiots - Jonah Goldberg, TownHall.com
Jan.   5 - What is the deal with the New Year? - Jan A. Larson
             - If you believe that people are basically good - Dennis Prager, TownHall.com
             - The 'tax the poor' movement goes underground - Timothy Noah, Slate
             - It's Not the Money, Stupid! - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
             - A Tax Cut, Not a Whimper - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard