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What is the Deal?

September 28, 2002

What is the deal with Tom Daschle?

By Jan A. Larson

What is the deal with Tom Daschle?  I can't understand why the good people of South Dakota keep electing this guy.   This week, Daschle glances over an article in the newspaper, either doesn't understand what it says or completely misses the context and then goes into a rant on the floor of the United States Senate in a voice barely above a whisper.  Daschle is a politician in the great tradition of Bill Clinton.  Whichever way the political winds are blowing, so blows Tom.  I honestly believe that Daschle has been so caught up in the political machine that is Washington D. C., that he no longer has even a basic understanding of the real world.  Not a word is uttered from Daschle's mouth without a political spin.  If President Bush gave a speech supporting the law of gravity, you can bet the Daschle would be against it.  Daschle is drunk with power in his position as Senate majority leader.  It is time that Daschle sober up and start working for the people and not for himself and his political agenda.

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