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Guest Columnist

October 20, 2002

The 15 Most Powerful Words & Phrases to Apply on Your Resume

By Anthony Ranieri

Below are a few words to get you started that can be used to commence a phrase when describing your achievements in your resume. They are words employers like because they reflect leadership qualities and solutions based initiatives. Try and think of other words also that may reflect your personal achievements to use in your resume.


Below are some phrases I have used in my resume that can be applied to your own resume reflecting key achievements in your current and past work history.

Achievements are important because they reflect what you are capable of professionally and they also demonstrate your potential. Achievements need to be true and credible, so don't just use everyday achievements. Focus on milestones, projects and your own key initiatives that have brought about a benefit or change to the company. Power phrases can be used to describe achievements where you have:

1. Reduced costs of a specific process
2. Completed a major project on time
3. Lead a team of others in achieving a major goal
4. Introduced a personal initiative or idea implemented

Below are some examples of power phrases I have used to demonstrate my

1.. "Managed business downsizing and redundancy program eventually leading to business closure for a large automotive components manufacturer and successfully negotiated redundancy conditions with the union."

2.. "Formulated and implemented comprehensive strategic competency based training model for a division of a large blue chip Australian company."

3.. Managed a department of up to 5 diverse human resource professionals and several key contract and facilities providers."

4.. "Contributed to financial year budget cost-down process by reducing the HR budget by up to 10%."

5.. "Lodged successful tenders for $50,000 in training funding to deliver a broad range of industry specific competency based programs at the workplace."

6.. Achieved approximately $200,000 productivity savings by negotiating and implementing 3 key productivity items resulting from enterprise bargaining negotiations."

© Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved
Anthony Ranieri is the author of the highly regarded job search eBook, "How to Find a Job in Six Weeks." http://www.jobweb.com.au

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